Barrels of Fun, LLC owner
Our Story

Barrels of Fun was established over twenty-five years ago in Boston Massachusetts. In 2004, Deborah Holden purchased and relocated the business
to the state of Connecticut.

Before becoming it's new owner, Deborah had a successful career as President of a national Broker Dealer. Deborah, along with her family, sold the family business in 2001 to a Fortune 500 Company. While leaving this specific portion of her life behind, Deborah began to pursue new opportunities.

In 1991, Deborah received a Barrel of Fun following the birth of her first child. To this day, Deborah distinctly recalls her thoughts and emotions – “a noteworthy and special gift for the whole family”. Through this experience, Barrels of Fun quickly gained another loyal customer.

One of the most basic human needs is missing in much of our daily lives - and that is simply showing appreciation and that you care. It's a huge void and one so easy to fill.

Deborah truly believes in the power of giving gifts at unexpected times in people’s lives. Due to this strong belief, Deborah began using Barrels of Fun as a source for her own gift giving. Gifts were often sent to employees unexpectedly for a job well done, to exemplify appreciation, to congratulate when their financial services license was achieved, and for milestones within an employee’s personal as well as professional life. Deborah believes people often worry about monetary expenses but few understand that giving is not really about spending money. Over the years, she realized that the money spent, was insignificant compared to the relationships and loyalty built. If you speak with Deborah today, she will tell you that gift giving really was one of the most satisfying parts of the work she did at building a national firm.

Fast forward to today, Deborah holds the same passion for this company as the day she became its new owner. Deborah is excited as ever to express gratitude, compassion, appreciation, and to celebrate milestones through her customized gift basket company.